Rejine Smith

Rejine Smith



Rejine Smith is my birth name  but my chosen name is Queenie P. I started sketching when I was around 8 years old. I used to use sketching, coloring, and crafts as a form to escape. I picked up a paint brush in 2018 just to see if I could. When I painted my first canvas I was excited. I wanted to create more art for children, so I started to make a bunch of cartoons. I began to expand and see what I can paint. I started to see my craft get better and better and to see that transform more and ... view more »

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Upcoming Events:

Waterman’s Strawberry Festival

Kirkland Art Fair

Irvington 3rd Floor Art Show

Indiana Black Expo

Butter Art Show

Pricing Information:

Canvases start at $150 depending on size. 3D effects cost $50 extra. Shipping is free.

Murals start at $600 per wall or $1500 per room (payment options available)


I have an Associates degree as a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist as well as an Associates Degree as a Medical Assistant. I am a self taught artist.