Sandra Dueker



I have been painting on and off for about thirty years. Generally speaking, I work in acrylics and experiment using pastels too.  Watercolors are another avenue I have been exploring. My influences are Picasso, Basquiat, Matisse, Baselitz, and Auerbach.


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About My Work:

I am a painter who believes the process matters. The process of painting and the act of creating are what matter to me. The end result, the finished painting, is not consequential. I may begin with an idea in my mind as to where I want to start a painting, but that is really just the jumping off point to wherever the process takes me.


Relevant Course Work:
•American Art
•Buddhist Sculpture
•Contemporary Art
•Drawing I
•Drawing II
•Portrait and Figurative Drawing


Honors and Awards:
•First Place Prize Winner, Adult – Festival of Banners 2014 from South Bend Museum of Art
•Docent Armory Show Featured Artist – March 2017
•In The Studio MOOC Exhibition, January 2018
•Participant in Global Sketchbook Project from Brooklyn Art Library, January, 2019.
•Docent Round Robin Art Project, January – July 2018