Tim Stark

Originally from Colorado, Tim now lives and works in Indianapolis, Indiana. He received his MFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston/Tufts University and his BA from The University of Redlands.


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About My Work:

Memory is a perception that is, by its nature, abstract and removed. While memory is often considered to be an embodied individual experience, many memories are embedded in culture and passed along with time. These cultural memories, like fairy tales given to children, influence the way we experience the world and build identities.

The memories I experience are rarely clear. Many of them are shared and cultural. Gathered like second hand books and photographs, they are shadows cast through emotion and time. The concepts of identity, as I have found them, are much the same. Identity is a collection, drawn from the thoughts and theories of gathered memories, that defines who we were, are, and who we want to become. I see the work that I create as a meditation on the shared and ethereal nature of memory and its connection and influence on identity.

In my work I seek out images that are elusive, compelling, and that capture a sense of something remembered. These works draw on gathered memories from popular culture and art history, and utilize the visual language of photography to create an image that, like memory itself, is abstracted, shifted, and changed. Through the abstract and obscure, these images present a consideration of what is remembered and what it defines.