Aaron S. Thornburg

I am a sculptor that prefers to use wood and natural materials including found nature objects. I have always been inspired by the visual contrast that I see in the world around me. I strive to find balance between my technological existance and my connection to the natural world.


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About My Work:

I explore issues of dichotomy in my work through the use of contrasting shapes and form, treatments, and materials. I like my work to feel light. It is usually an expression of a simple notion or gesture.


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Bachelor of Fine Arts

Herron School of Art

IUPUI,Indianapolis, IN


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  1. I would like to reach Aaron Thornburg. The above phone number doesn’t work. I am at 317-507-5845. Thank you.


    • Hi, Kevin,

      You may wish to try Aaron’s email address to reach him if the phone number is no longer working.

      Indy Arts Council


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