Alexandria Powell

Currently, I am a MAAT student at SMWC. This a several leaps and decades from my BFA in 3D Computer Animation at SCAD.

I have tapdanced in musicals, sang in jazz clubs, programmed in Houdini, instructed art in public and private schools in the US and Italy, run a party planning business, and done freelance with some interesting companies. Currently, I run three blogs and an online art group via Zoom.

I have a husband, two small dogs, and a 13-year-old daughter.

I also do stand up. Like you

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About My Work:

My inspirations herald from symbolic object associations stored in genetics, object attachment theories, and the art of storytelling–> that transcend culture and technology.

I am intrigued by shadow; both from environmental sources and archetypal suppression.

In my art I often explore the perception of color, as manipulated by marketing (Pantone color of the year), as it exists parallel to our innate preferences and psychological experiences of self-identity and is now subject to a lens of multiculturalism.

I mock commercial imagicide in social media, study the gender stereotypes and two-spirit art in indigenous peoples, and encourage the co-creation of art by communities in crisis; as a way to combat the in red anxiety of my x-millennial generation.

Upcoming Events:

Grad Students don’t actually make art, ahahhahahhaaaa.

No, I do.


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