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About My Work:

My art is constantly evolving. I have many interest and choose many different mediums to express my self. What work I complete is more about the process than the work itself. I focus on the the way it makes me feel, and how it physically feels to create it each individual piece. By doing so, my work then becomes the embodiment of who I am, what I am feeling, and how I can share myself with others.

Recently, I have become very interested in food systems, our environment, and our family systems. This interest is reflected in the work I have been completeing. I now focus on repurposing items that have been salvaged by my organization, Grow Indy Inc. We often, dumpster dive, and seek out items that people cannot throw away or recycle. After collecting these items, we look for new ways to use them, fix them, or create something new from them. I have really enjoyed finding new ways to repurpose old clothing, pallets, and plastic bags!


Pricing Information:

Price is subject to size and materials. All prices are negotiable.


IUPUI Graduate 2011

Bachelor of Arts, Liberal Arts

Major: Communications

Minor(s): Anthropology, Art Education

Concentration: Drama, Theatre, Multimedia Arts




Communications Honor Society, Honor Society of Leadership & Success



2008 Grant to Produce Conceptual Magazine: Emerson Daily, Art & Culture Magazine

Nominated for the Top 100 Students


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