Andrea Townsend

Andrea Townsend


My focus is on the relationship of surface and form. I create geometric environments through understanding this relationship. This is important to me conceptually because I appreciate the ability to discover various ways of viewing an individual work of art.

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About My Work:

My art is about the multiple ways to view it. it is meant to be interpreted by individual people and from their own stances. It is my intention that there is no right or wrong way to interpret it. I want it to be appreciated for what it is about it that people happen to like or connect to. I choose my surfaces intentionally and work with them to create a relationship between what is already there and what I create to interact with it.

Pricing Information:

Varies form piece to piece. Small works $50-$200, Larger works $250-$1000, 3 dimensional works $350-600


I am a fine arts painting major in my final year at Herron School of Art and Design in Indianapolis.



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