Angela Sheets

Sheets is a 32 year old, single mom of two.  She’s currently working as an LPN and attends the IUPUI Pre BSN program.  The artist took part in Indy Visual Fringe 2008 and is taking part in the Visual Fringe 2009.  Sheets is also interested in taking her artistic talents to another level, maybe a more professional level.


More Info

About My Work:

I get my inspiration from dreams and emotional experiences of my life.  The loss of a loved one, or the ending of a relationship.  My work can be described as dark images with bright colors.  I prefer to paint on mounted canvas with acrylic oil paints.  I can free hand or i may sketch on the canvas first.

Pricing Information:

My works range anywhere from 300.00 dollars to 1,000.00 dollars at this time.  Pricing is based on materials used and length of time to complete.


LPN, currently in RN school.


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