Beth Miller (MillerModernArt)

Beth Miller (MillerModernArt)



I was born and raised in Michigan on a horse farm by a loving family. I’ve been living in Fishers, Indiana for well over 25 years. I fell in love with art at an early age and found myself coloring, crafting or painting. My mother put me into art classes, and I brought home my works of art for her which I know she loved :). As I grew up, I explored painting, clay, watercolor, and any other medium. Alas, adulthood and jobs got in the way. It’s only recently that I’ve explored painting more ... view more »


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About My Work:

My medium is acrylic on canvas. I utilize thinned paints & pigments to create abstract art. The blend of ingredients creates pearls which hides colors. Using a palette, I bring the colors back to life.

My medium is acrylic on canvas and I utilize paints and pigments. I have a few different styles using thinned paint. The blend of ingredients determines if there are pearls created in the art. For those with pearls, I manipulate the paint around the canvas and stretch it very thin so that the basecoat pops up through the colors. This involves tipping and shifting the canvas until the paint is almost off the canvas. The base coat eats up the colors so I add various cloud and bloom paints to add color back into the painting using a palette knife based on the flow of the design of the painting. For those without pearls, I use a different combination of ingredients and create more of an abstract design.

Paints include Golden, Amsterdam, Matisse and various others. Pigments are from ColourArte and TLP.

Pricing Information:

Pricing ranges from $100-500 approximately


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