Brian Dowd

I have been drawing throughout my life.  I started painting when I turned 30.  When I was a high school teacher I wrote plays and songs for the classroom to enhance the curriculum.  I enjoy writing, painting, reading, and music. I want to always recognize how interesting and beautiful everything can be.


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About My Work:

I seek to capture abstract shapes within the precise geometry of contemporary architecture.  I like to capture wavy reflections on the glass of tall, modern buildings.  I want to paint life and landscapes from my time period like the Dutch and Italians did in their time periods.  As much as I’d like to have the soft feel of an Impressionist, I usually end up focused on the small details of a realist.

Pricing Information:

Original oils: $325 – $500.

prints: $50 – $150.

postcards: $5


I graduated from Ben Davis High School in Indianapolis.  Later, I received a Bachelor of Arts in History from Evangel University in Springfield, MO.  Outside of elementary school art classes, I have had no formal instruction in drawing or painting.



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