Brian Duff

In painting I find community.  In the company of fellow artists, especially those outside the mainstream I find joy, as we collaborate and participate in each other’s endeavors.  In as far as I live with a brain disorder called Schizoaffective Disorder, I seek to use the art I make to express the nature of my ideas, most recently my aim is to focus on the darker side of the human psyche, and bring it to light.  Just to see if I can see through it.


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About My Work:

My work has a wide range of palettes, forms and subjects.  I care passionately for the work I do and enjoy the unique challenges different subjects bring, be they in preparation for a show or a commission.  My work is best described as expressionistic in still life, landscape, and abstract.  My work is guided by an effortless hand.  As such I have to admit the work often requires it be completed in stages as the paintings refine.

Pricing Information:

Canvas or masonite, oil or acrylic or mixed media

8×10 – $150

11×14 -$175

12×16 -$200

18×24 -$300

Larger formats on canvas or masonite range from $350-$750


Murals 6’x12′  start at $1500, material costs included

Large murals negotiable, in keeping with the 6’x12′ mural costs.


I’ve shied purposely from formal training.  I received my second introduction to training in the arts when a student at Denison University in Granville, OH.  Early in life I showed a knack for painting an photography.  Life events took me down a different path but I’m actively painting and have been for the past decade.




2007 Artist Volunteer of the Year- East Tenth Street Civic Association.  I recieved this for my murals and contributions to the Boner Center.




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  1. Hi Brian,
    I’m looking to add to my Duff collection. My first piece of yours was purchased at one of Jenny Elkins art shows on Cottages Home. Are you still in Indy?


  2. Brian,

    Are you painting these days? I bought Indiana Moon Garden, Donyard Darkness and Funk The night. People always ask about the artist. I’d love to give them updated info about you and your work.


    • Hey there, I’ve been painting, yes. When you tried to contact me I was making jewelry, music, writing and jamming with friends there in Indy. I’ve relocated since then. I’m using my voice to create. My recent book “the world lost a ghost” can be found on Amazon. My music at
      Apologies for the ultra late reply. I appreciate the thoughtfulness. B


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