Casey D. Bridgeford

Casey D. Bridgeford


“I a member of the group DaFilled. DaFilled’s music stands out because it is contagious yet not contaminating. If tackles difficult social issues and sheds a beam of hope on them. Unlike other rap groups, DaFilled Stays clear of profanity and vulgarity.”


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iLL’s passion comes from his response to growing up in an under-served neighborhood. Drugs, violence, sex, and crime showed up in his life; so they show up in his rhymes… just not how you may think. Music became a refuge for the emcee at the age of 14 and continued when he joined the hip hop group, DaFilled, at eighteen. His experience with DaFilled soon led him to be considered a local VIP on the Indianapolis party scene. Often being invited to perform at local hot spots, he used each opportunity to spread his flavor to party goers. The more prominent iLL became locally, the more he set his sights on national exposure. In 2004 that opportunity came. DaFilled beat out over 300 other performers to garner a spot on the Legendary Showtime at the Apollo showcase. After the Apollo, the hip hop trio’s career began to kick into high gear. DaFilled highlights include 5 consecutive Underground Music Award nominations, several local endorsement deals, and an international motion picture placement.


Showtime At The Apollo Finalist, 2004 “Most Promising Unsigned Group”, 2004 2004 Best Midwest Hip Hop 2004 Most Promising Unsigned Hip Hop Movie: Reel Paradise 2004 GospelQuest Finalist 2005 Best Rap Act MTV Sucka Free Latino 2005 Battle of the Ban


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