charles letbetter

charles letbetter


My work is about imagination, expression and exploration. Because my interests vary, so does my work. I refuse to stagnate on a specific style. I avoid being placed in a genre any more narrow than photography. Expression for me is about creating a diversity of style that allows me to explore my imagination without feeling tied to a specific style. As a result, there is little I cannot do, few styles I cannot achieve, so that I’m able to offer clients a broad array of choices and artistic

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About My Work:

My work vascilates between experimenting with different textures and forms to traditional portraiture. My figure work focuses strongly on the use of specific light sources and the introduction of unexpected elements such as breakfast cereal and dry powders. My most common portraits are of infants under the age of two, emphasizing softness and personality. I make every effort to build stories and emotion into my work, finding ways to express emotion in even the most simple of photographs.

Pricing Information:

Pricing for portraits begins at $300 for an at-home session.

Pricing for commercial photography begins at $70/hour for local work, with additional costs for processing.

Commission prices are dependent upon the size and scope of the project. I am happy to provide a full bid upon request.


BA, Music, Oklahoma Baptist University, 1984


I do not believe art is or ever should be a competitive event. Therefore, I do not participate in programs that yield awards.


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