Daniel Evans

“I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. Drawing is what brought me to photography. For years the process of working with pen and ink grapite and charcoal was nothing more than a process. The medium had its limitation I need something more flexible. Using the medium of photography I am able to move in a wide range of directions from the graphic to prints with painterly qualities or somewhere in between, using a wide range of applications and techniques afforded by the medium to

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“The following samples combine my fascination with history, surrealism, motion and abandonment. Through careful research and not so careful experiments and expeditions, the work looks into remnants of past Americana during the industrial age. While others have a more personal connection through intimate point of view within home settings. Other “found objects” are simply solitary surrounded by their original intended environment.” -Daniel Evans

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2000-present, member of APA Midwest Chapter (Associated Photographers of America); Guest Panelist, “We Do Too” A Reflection, IMA 2006; After school Workshops for children, INdy Parks Department 2005-06;



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