Darryl Moody

Darryl Moody



As an undergraduate at the University of Illinois in Chicago, I began working my way through a Bauhaus Foundation program.  My early skill set opened the doors to becoming an Art Worker in the wood and metal shops supervising students and maintaining the shop equipment. I developed a slide portfolio which led to my acceptance into the MFA program at The School of the Art Institute in Chicago. While pursuing an MFA, I was able to do art historical investigations in a world-class museum. My ... view more »

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About My Work:

The images from “A Moment on the Walls “are sometimes interpreted by viewers as collage work but could best be described as de-collage. In this sense, the photographic work done in the streets feeds back into my design thinking. De-collage in my photographic works is a state of freeze framing “postings” from a variety of sources including images issued by conceptual artists, gang marking typographic overlays, commercial copy, and zealot’s stickers – all mixing in the harshest of archival circumstances, typically congealing on urban walls rising from the streets.

“Although the first time the term décollage appeared in print was in the Dictionnaire Abrégé du Surréalisme in 1938, it is usually used in the context of nouveau réalisme” (Tate.org.uk)  Décollage is an archeological character and is seen as a means of uncovering historical information and in my work, capturing cultural time frames.

My early education found me in close contact with the Bauhaus Artist/Designer Robert Nicole whose compositional work consisted of geometrical arrangements of found paper. This approach formed the foundation upon which I built my esthetic view. I saw through the viewfinder of my camera that the streets themselves provide a canvas for a variety of expressive forms distant from a setting for aesthetic consideration that generally go unnoticed. Such works, however, are only a first step into a deeper exploration of a final aesthetic outcome.  The base image and what happens to it are a collection of fragments that seem to reach a visually specific moment for compositional reconsideration.  As I see it, it is the role of design to make meaning out of chaos and it is my intent here to repurpose what representative chaos itself has to offer.  I accomplish this through photographic capture, editing in Photoshop, and printing on select strata.

Upcoming Events:

Ox-Bow Artist Market – Douglas, MI


MA      English              Indiana University— Dissertation on Photography as

Psychological Narrative                                                                       2001

MFA    Sculpture         The School of the Art Institute Chicago

Electronic Interactive Photo/Video Installation                              1975

BA       Graphic Arts    University of Illinois Chicago

Design Foundation                                                                                 1972


AIGA –Association of Graphic Design Professionals – 2023

Member – Alumni Association of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago – 2023

Member – College Art Association—2003-2023

Chicago Artists Coalition—2011-2012

Event Photographer for The Indianapolis 500—1996-2007

  • Findlay Art League – one person show – Reconstruction–2018
  • Cole Noble Gallery Indianapolis—one person show – Into the Shadowlands—2016
  • Midwest Center for Photograph—Selected for National Photography Competition Exhibition and Fellowship Competition—2012
  • 1st International Photo Competition—Viridian Gallery, NYC—2011
  • University of Wisconsin Oshkosh—Textural Patois: Using texture as a visual language—National Juried Exhibition—Selected Graphic Art—2010
  • BURC Grant Recipient—Bluffton University—Summer 2010
  • Art Space Lima, OH—Annual Juried Photo Exhibition—First Place—2010
  • 28th Annual Findlay Art League Photo Exhibition—HM—2010
  • 89th Annual Toledo Area Artist Exhibition— “Rubbed Out”—2007
  • ArtSpace/Lima—Two photographs selected for Spring Show—2007
  • Pathways Grant for Photo Essay of Hurricane Katrina Debris Fields—2006
  • Three Artist: Three Languages—Bonifest Art Center, Escanaba, MI—2006
  • Faculty Show—Albrecht Gallery—Bluffton University—2005, 2006, 2010
  • Deus Online Exhibition—Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois—2002
  • Millennial Online Exhibition—Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois—2000
  • BareWalls—Artist Work Show — School of the Art Institute Gallery, Chicago, Illinois—1999,          2001, 2002, 2003—at Sullivan Gallery 2008
  • Masterpiece in a Day—Honorable Mention—Indianapolis, Indiana—1999
  • Selected for the Scholars Program—United Technology Carrier—1995
  • Toys Designed by Artist—Arkansas Art Center, Little Rock, Arkansas—Machined Toys selected in 1984 and 1985—Traveling Show—2004
  • 76th Annual Chicago and Vicinity Show—The Art Institute of Chicago— Return to Moon Mountain—1977
  • Moonscape—Public Exhibit—Adler Planetarium Chicago—1977
  • Public Works Artist—City of Chicago—1975—Produced Mixed Media Sculpture entitled Chicago—Covered in Chicago Sun Times
  • Commissioned—Monumental Cast Aluminum Sculpture—Totem to the Twentieth Century—Chase Bank, Lansing, Illinois— 1974-76


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  • Wrong Number


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