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About My Work:


Jewelry – Using natural and synthetic materials I like to create distinctive and one of a kind jewelry designs. Much of my focus is spent on the arrangement and visual appeal of the materials being used with attention to each surface of the piece. To a large extent my inspiration comes from the object itself. Whether it is a stone, button, doorbell, four-leaf clover, coral, horn or textile I enjoy the challenge of mounting it elegantly for a wearable sound fashion. I also like to incorporate silver wire, gemstones, cotton cord, leather, wood and anything amiable and complimentary to tie a whole piece together. My jewelry is fun to wear and often eye catching.

Painting – Currently my focus is with faux and mural like painting techniques on visual display elements and in living environments. It is always my goal to create the most suitable, unique and practical design for each situation. I thoroughly enjoy researching and working closely with a client to come up with a personalized concept.


Pricing Information:

Current Jewelry pieces $2-$40

Painting $15/hr


BA in Theatre with a focus in Scenic Design. Minor in Studio Art.


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