Elizabeth Krajeck

Elizabeth Krajeck is the author of two chapbooks. Her work inspired by Maria Magdalene Campos-Pons includes “Restoration Poetry,” prose poems based on residents in the Blue Triangle Residence Hall, performed at the United States of Mind, and “Half of What We Are Is Broken,” an installation with Angela Edwards and Steve Hubert at IUPUI’s Cultural Arts Center, and 2013 & 2014 Poetry in Free Motion with the Quilt Connection Guild with J L Kato and Mary Hawn.  Collaborations also include

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About My Work:

I present words on a page, the page is a plate, as in the “Wheat Plate Poems” inspired by tall grass found west of the Wabash. With strengh from my background with nothing on it, I discover text in the garden and in the bungalows. Born during an eclipse (the moon passes between the eareth and the sun), I am at times a social activist lured by the earth and its words, I move through the roots, some shallow and others 12 feet deep. Collaborations with quilters, visual artists and carpenters offer an opportunity to share text with a community.

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Creative Renewal Arts Fellowship

Winner, Third Indiana Poetry Chapbook Contest

Individual Arts Award, State of Indiana


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