Ellen Wilson-Pruitt

Ellen Wilson-Pruitt


Painting on porcelain is one of the most permanent and striking of art forms.  Beginning with a piece of porcelain special mineral paints are applied and kiln fired.  Multiple firings are used to build up colors and effects.  My main focus is on animal and human portraiture.  Any subject can be executed on porcelain just as all other mediums.  I want to educate the public on the history and creation of this art form and hopefully in doing so increase appreciation of it as a true fine art.

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About My Work:

Favorite subjects are wildlife and human portraiture.  To capture the essence of a living entity is truly a reward in itself.  To cause the viewer to pause and study the work tells me all I need to know about how well I achieved what I wanted.

Pricing Information:

Price dependent upon subject and size of porcelain.


Have studied porcelain painting extensively across the U.S.  and even traveled to Portugal for study with various artists.


International Porcelain Artists and Teachers (IPAT)  www.ipatinc.com

World Organization of China Painters

Resident artist at the Art Sanctuary, Martinsville IN  www.artsanctuaryindiana.com



Multiple pieces have been chosen for exhibit in the World Organization of China Painters museum in Oklahoma City, OK.  Best of Show winners in Fall Foliage Art Show Martinsville, IN.  Sweepstakes winner at the Indiana State Fair.


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