Emily Budd

With a background in bronze casting and paleontology, I am inspired by the application of a process and the passage of time as a means to transform. In my practice I examine the human experience within the realm of deep time, exploring the grander temporal potential of daily rituals through fossilization. I create fictional artifacts that exist at the intersections of craft, ecology, science fiction, queerness, time scale and human sustainability when facing imminent change.

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MFA California College of the Arts, 2018

BFA Miami University School of Fine Arts, 2003


Indiana Arts Commission Individual Artist Grant, 2014

Stutz Artist Association Studio Residency Award, 2011-12

Robert D. Beckmann Emerging Artist Fellowship, 2010


  • Gallery 1 - Emily Budd
  • Gallery 2 - Emily Budd
  • Gallery 3 - Emily Budd
  • Gallery 4 - Emily Budd
  • Gallery 5 - Emily Budd
  • Gallery 7 - Emily Budd
  • Gallery 10 - Emily Budd
  • Gallery 11 - Emily Budd
  • Gallery 13 - Emily Budd
  • Gallery 15 - Emily Budd
  • Lost Wax. Cast bronze. 2017.


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