Faith Cohen

Faith Cohen


Serendipity, simplicity– the  fleeting images of life, color,  emotion, or texture.. these  are the stories I want to tell with my camera.  I want to seize and share the small frozen moments that make up the big picture..  Light, and the absence of light,  stolen for a brief moment of my choosing.

This is my present.

Mostly, i do “fine art” photographs- studies in nature, cities, and other shiny things that catch my attention. I also like to shoot musicians…

A photograph is birth, it’s

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About My Work:

I love to have days with nothing but my camera around my neck to record my surroundings.  I shoot natural scenes and not so natural scenes. My style is in a constant state of evolving. I look for the beauty in everyday…the short statement of what life is all about taken in increments of time.

Pricing Information:

Most of my work runs between $150- $500.00, the more expensive pieces are usually printed on canvas.

Most pieces run around $300 for a framed 16 x 20 print.


I have been taking photographs since my twenties, mostly self taught, with added classes from IUPUI, the Indianapolis Art Center, and assistant to photographer Tom Rockwell


Indianapolis Art Center


About 14 of my photographs are permanently installed in the Simon Cancer Center


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