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Gabe George

Gabe George


Born in Tampa Bay, Florida and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana; Gabriel George is a 22 year old emerging artist with a special interest in engraving. With a diverse cultural background of African American and Native American. He primarily focuses on the interaction between cultural symbolism and geometric repetition. Gabe thrives in using wood and steel to capture his creative process. His work has been featured in shows such as First Impressions (March 2019) and Sanctuary Art Gallery (February

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About My Work:

Diving into my body of work you will notice a very keen interest in the play between organic and geometric forms. As an artist, I tend to use pattern building and repetition to create visual interest within my pieces; whether it be in sculpture, etching, or engraving, the use of patterns and forms seems to be prevalent. The use of ethnic symbolism also plays a key role within my work. Coming from a Native American  and African American background patterns are extremely important to our culture. They create narratives within the line work, the combination between pattern building and symbolic imagery is what shapes my creations.  When selecting the materials I will use to create these pieces I like to rely on wood and metal. Wood and metal for me offer an endless amount of potential, they allow me to implement my love of process.  Cutting, shaping, carving, engraving, it creates a bridge to more ancestral ways of making art. I plan to continue to grow in familiarity with my current choice of mediums and dive deeper into how I can control and manipulate the substrate and my engravings.


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