Greg Adams

Greg Adams


I make rustic bentwood willow furniture from native Indiana willow saplings which I gather myself. I have been doing this since1983. I have rustic furniture shop at 702 Main Street in Lapel, Indiana which I have operated since 1994. I do art shows in the Indianapolis area, notably, Orchard in Bloom, Talbot Street Art Fair, and the Indiana Artisan Marketplace. My work is on display at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art.

I also make home accessories such as white birchbark picture frames and cabinets,

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Pricing Information:

Prices for my work range from $5 for a bunch of pussy willows to several thousand dollars for a large arbor. Of fence installation.  Most of my work is. In. The $20 – $300 range.


I am a member of Indiana Artisans, and was awarded Best of Shop in 2011.


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