Gretchen Ten Eyck Hunt

Gretchen Ten Eyck  Hunt


I am a firm believer in the positive response to art. It should not only stimulate the mind, but it should touch the soul.  Art is the process of creating for the sheer joy of creating.

I am always exploring the possibilities and trying new ways to approach a subject or technique.

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About My Work:

My work  explores the realm of color and how it affects the emotional reaction thereof, whether it be in an abstract form or in a representational form. To me it is all about the color and how we feel when viewing it. I want to touch not only the intellectual part, but also the emotional part and soul of the viewer. Art is simply a communication from one to another far beyond the confinement of words.

Pricing Information:

Original works of art  range form $9.00 – $5,000.00+ depending on the individual piece. Commissions are welcome. Art lessons are $15.00 per 2 hour studio session.


Gretchen Ten Eyck Hunt began studying art under the tutalidge of Cramer Swords, MFA at the age of seven. She has a Bachelors degree specializing in studio art from Flagler College, St. Augustine, Fla.  She also graduated from the Art Instruction School Specializing in Illustration.


Exhibiting Artist, The Art  Bank, Mass, Ave., Indianapolis

Resident Artist, The Art Place, Martinsville , Indiana

President, Southside Art League, Greenwood, Indiana


Most recently, Gretchen Ten Eyck Hunt received  a Merit Award at the  Midwest National Abstract Competion at Garfield Park. She has received numerous awards over the past 40 years and her works of art can be found is  Public and private collections throughout the U.S.


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