Jackelin Espinosa Moyotl

Jackelin Espinosa Moyotl was born in Huejotzingo, Puebla, Mexico in 2000. In 2012 she immigrated to the US, where she grew up in fishers, Indiana. She received a BFA in printmaking and a minor in Art History from Herron School of Art + Design. She is currently pursing a MA and MFA at the University of Wisconsin Madison.


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About My Work:

 Growing up as a Mexican Immigrant in the U.S. I regularly encounter questions about my identity, my family, and my legal status. My studio practice consists of exploring these questions through assemblage and an amalgam of printmaking processes. This approach serves as a therapeutic methodology toward self-discovery, cultural reclamation and healing the disconnection created between myself and my culture due to the process of assimilating. Through my research I hone in on memories, Mexican iconography and embroidery which challenge and overcome the barriers created by assimilation. The labor-intensive process of printmaking and embroidery directly reference a history and culture of labor and working with one’s hands. When creating my work, notions of performance-based processes become important as I mend the gaps caused by immigration. 


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