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Joseph Crone



After building a solid foundation at the Ringling School of Art and Design, Joseph Crone graduated from the Herron School of Art and Design in the summer of 2010, focusing on the artistic delivery of the human figure and mind. While his attention to visual detail is in a constant state of evolution, the growth of conceptual intensity is his central concern. Recent accomplishments during 2011 include the Robert Beckmann Emerging Artist Fellowship as well as the Stutz Artist

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About My Work:


With the intention to explore through realistic technical drawing, Joseph Crone seeks to further convey the significance of the human mind through his artistic process. Crone starts from a single, intense human experience, often reflecting moments of a hazy nostalgia or nightmarish delusion heavily influenced by Film Noir and the elements that bind an earlier period in time, and then begins to develop an intensified narrative stemming from these influences. All scenarios are then uniquely scripted for each still, then reenacted and recorded through the collaboration of model and camera. Numerous photographs are taken in order to capture the ideal tension Crone seeks to portray, creating a sense of cohesiveness that runs throughout his work like chapters in a thought provoking novel.


With the assistance of jeweler’s magnifying glasses and other varying techniques, Crone proceeds to use methods of pressure based drawing on layered, frosted acetate to recreate the finalized photograph that has seen its way through multiple stages of editing. Unlike conventional drawing on paper, the transparent quality of the acetate enables the colored pencil to penetrate the surface with a higher depth of contrast and saturation often seen in colorized photographs. White thermoplastic board, utilized as a drawing table with just the right amount of cushion, allows every thoughtfully placed line to show through. Although a seamless pattern of mark making is essential to achieve this heightened sense of realism, accidental or stray marks are inevitable yet kept in order to demonstrate his drawing process. These combined elements help to compose his vision of an altered realistic, viewing environment that assists these gritty narratives, aspiring Crone to further develop and capture with each subsequent work of art.



Pricing Information:

Works vary in price from piece to piece. Deciding factors include time spent, date produced, size, etc. For more information in regards to specific work contact me at

Archival prints, both open and limited edition, are available if interested.


Herron School of Art and Design/ BFA 2010

Ringling School of Art and Design/ 2000-2002



Robert Beckmann JR Emerging Artist Fellowship recipient 2012

Stutz Artist Association Residency Award recipient 2011-2012



MANIFEST galley INDA7 Drawing Publication, to be released Winter of 2012

Colored Pencil Magazine, March issue, Cover / feature artist


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