Karla Ries

Karla Ries


What do you get when you combine the artistic passions of 3 unique artists? You get Art is Relative. The galleries of Richard Williams and Karla and Michael Ries represent over 70 years of creativity, passion and love for art.

As you view our artwork, perhaps you will gather inspiration from our interpretations of life or maybe you will just say “wow.”

No matter what, we hope you enjoy what you see and perhaps you will drop us a note or see us at a show.

Until we meet, enjoy life, let art move

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About My Work:

I work in watercolor, oil and acrylic – representationally capturing the spirit of a subject I have encountered in my life.

Pricing Information:

Our work ranges in price from $25 to $500 depending upon complexity of subject, size and time to create.


Karla Ries: BA in Theatre from Eastern Illinois University

Michael Ries: Graphic Arts degree from Ivy Tech

Richard Williams: Retired Engineer



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