Kelly Koehler

Kelly Koehler


Pursuing portraiture rewards me with challenges and opportunities to exercise many different ways a subject can be approached. Each subject offers inspiration, an individual quality, and a uniqueness to capture which is my goal. I hope you enjoy a few of my portraits.

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About My Work:

Heirloom Portraiture

Portraiture is a gift to the next generation. Capturing not just a likeness but a moment of consciousness; the unique individual consciousness, the captured moment immortalized. A time that will be preserved and cherished forever. For centuries families have commissioned artists for heirloom-quality portraits of their loved ones. This tradition is carried out with the artwork of Koehler. A treasured heirloom, a link between generations, that celebrates the importance of a lasting heritage. The process of creating a great portrait is collaboration between the client, the artist, and the subject, all work to create a portrait that captures the essence of that individual…that will last FOREVER.

Pricing Information:

Oil Portraiture is most frequently between 2000 – 5200.

Chalk Drawings start at 500.

Please feel free to contact me at


-Portrait Society of America

-Cecila Beaux Forum


Awarded Individual Artist Grant, IAC & Walter E. & Mary C. Beyer Portrait Trust grant.


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