Leyda Melgar

Leyda Melgar


Leyda Melgar is a Salvadoran-American artist and educator in Indianapolis. She is the first born in her generation of her family, which resulted in a lifetime of learning and teaching others. Becoming involved in her family’s Mexican Panadería, she was able to communicate with others about their cultures and traditions. Being Salvadoreños, her family gained an appreciation of new traditions and old ones.

She attended Herron School of Art and Design in which she graduated with a Bachelors of ... view more »

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About My Work:

Leyda has consistently throughout her lifetime had an interest in the arts but became heavily involved in the arts after her experiences with the performing arts. She started with drawing and painting but transitioned into sculpture and mixed media after finding interest in the possibilities of what could be made. Sculpture and mixed media allowed for the exploration of themes relating to her; personal themes such as her mental health, themes of assimilation, and personality. For Leyda, sculpture is a way for her to express thoughts that cannot be put into words through exploration of materials. 


IUPUI-Herron School of Art and Design: Bachelors of Art Education


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