Maggie Regan

I am an illustrator and artist who works as a full-time graphic designer by day. My go-to mediums are gouache, ink, watercolor, and digital drawing and painting on Procreate on my iPad. However, I adore art in all of its forms and I am always excited to try new mediums and experiment.

From veeeery early on in my life, my mom read picture books to my siblings and me, and I fell in love with illustration and creating characters and stories from an early age. I was constantly drawing my favorite ... view more »

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Pricing Information:

My commission prices start at $150 (or $30/hour, depending on the scope of the project) and go up in price depending on several factors:

  • Number of people and/or animals in the piece and composition of subjects (i.e. if full bodies are shown/poses, chest up, etc.)

  • How many pieces you are commissioning me for

  • Intricateness/level of detail desired

  • Demand (how many commission orders I have at one time)

  • Time & cost of materials (For example: an oil painting commission is going to be more expensive than a digital print- the materials needed for an oil painting cost more in terms of materials/labor)

Please respect my prices and rates, as you are paying not only for my skills and time but also for my years of experience. I appreciate your understanding.

If you ever have questions or need to chat about payment options, I am always willing to chat and work something out.


B.A. in Art + Design, High Honors in Art + Design

Butler University, 2019


B.A. in Digital Media Production

Butler University, 2019


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