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About My Work:

Portrait Drawings: Colored pencils with PanPastel.

Paintings: Preshrunk  gallery type canvas. Either watercolor, acrylic or oil.

Skate Decks or Wood: Acrylic with protective resin

Art direction: Contact. Details vary per project.

Art instruction: Youth from 4 to 12. Young Adult 13 to 17. Adult 18+. Projects may vary per age bracket. Please visit my website for art instruction


Pricing Information:

***Please contact for Pricing. Pricing varies per project or commission.***


** I have received several awards among my years for art. Please see bio above for a brief synopsis of my background. In this category, I will post some praise for my photography and Art Direction. **


I have had the pleasure of working with  Mandykae on numerous occasions and in various capacities. I know her to be meticulous in both her professionalism and ability to work well with others while creating an atmosphere which is fun yet serious allowing everyone to feel creative and to free to express themselves. She has proven to be an accomplished producer as well as an artist in every aspect of the word. Mandykae has shown her talent in photography, art and video. She has a creative eye and often sees what others miss. Along with being a experienced photographer she also is an accomplished director. I have seen this talent many times on set where Mandykae has demonstrated the ability to make the non-professional model at ease and work with them to get them to model to the best of their ability.  I truly believe Mandykae has yet to realize her full potential and the best of her is yet to be seen. –  Arny Freytag; Former Playboy Centerfold Photographer


Over the years I’ve had the great pleasure to work with Mandykae and watch her weave her magic in a variety of creative mediums.  Whether it’s with camera in hand, directing a video production or creating works of art, she exhibits great talent, a keen discerning eye and an easy, comfortable manner with everyone.  She has that rare creative gift of being able to see a project through from start to finish.  From the initial concept and organization to the actual production and onset direction and even the post editing and delivery of the finished product, she’s the total package commanding all the necessary skills.  Fun and energetic she leads by example and is the catalysis for an upbeat and lively few hours on set or a complete full day of production.  Mandykae is truly a joy and a must hire for any creative assignment. – Jeff Cohen; Former Playboy Editor & Publisher


Artist. Photographer. Dreamer. Visionary. Creative Force. Aesthete. The very first of six monikers that come to mind when considering this force of will & majesty that is contained in work and in the mind is Mandykae. One of the most interesting women i know. Continually fearless, this is an artist not lost in her own process but constantly in coversation with the movements in the larger aspect within the art world. Underscored by both spiritual savvy & strong opinions about the visual culture she belongs to. – Michael Rypel, Art collector, Consulting Director of Acquisitions, Publisist; Millionaire Gallery


Mandykae Blair, She is one individual with outstanding talent and energy for others to follow! Her ideas start .and excel where your ideas end. – Jarmo Pohjaniemi; CEO Shoot The Centerfold


Mandykae Blair, is brilliant, super creative, excellent director of publications, art, & Photography. She is a superb artist! – Sid Siddiqui; CEO / Editor Mancave Media Group, LLC


I met Mandykae originally while running the photography for Playboy Golf in Chicago 2009. After getting to know her and seeing her talents I introduced her into the company to join our team.  Soon after she joined us to shoot events in various cities across the country. She is a consummate professional, extremely organized & talented. She is a pleasure to work with.  I would highly recommend anyone to hire her for any needs of any project they may have. – Mark Vetrini; Links & Laces (formerly Playboy Golf) Photographer.


Mandykae is a professional in everything that she does. She is creative, fun to work with and an awesome photographer. I highly recommend her or her team for any professional or creative job. – Dennis Vervynckt; DOS Hilton Hotels


Working with MK is always a pleasure! She approaches every stylish project with enthusiasm, confidence and makes sure everyone on set has fun. I have had the honor of collaborating with her on several projects, and our end result exceeds our initial vision. If you have the opportunity to work with Mandykae Blair please do. Not only is she a lovely person but also a truly talented professional. – Christy Pastore; Writer, Author.


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