Michele Burns

Michele Burns



Art gets me out of bed in the morning. Each work begins with the question “What if?”, and then the adventure begins.

I studied art at John Herron and Indiana University.

Most of my art that is one composition by day and another by night because I incorporate photoluminescent minerals that absorb any visible light and then shed it for 8+ hours when the lights go out.

I’ve had South Studio B17,  in the CCIC in Indianapolis since 2016-

Open First Fridays 6-9 PM, or by appointment: 812-679-7422

More Info

About My Work:

Daily Epiphany Studio: YouTube Videos


Upcoming Events:

Circle City Industrial Complex (CCIC) South Studio B17 open 6-9 PM First Fridays

Pricing Information:

Prices range from $5 (my “beginning collectors” basket) to thousands for large and/or complex artworks.


Studied art at John Herron, Indiana University Bloomington, Purdue University West Lafayette


I am a CCIC artist


  • Come For Tea, luminous art deco painting, 24x48\" 20 second video of the painting in progress


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  1. Michele was your fathers name Billie and your mother Karen?


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