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Artist, Educator, Illustrator, Speaker, Designer, Writer and Mentor, Michele Wood (b.1964) is best known for depicting moments in African American history as well as changing consciousness of the African American experience. With a career spanning over 30 years, this prolific artist continues to document the human experience with an unusually poetic introspection on African American history.

Michele Wood is the recipient of over 30 awards and honors. Michele was awarded the Ashley

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About My Work:

My work is primarily on canvas. Some original work of art have been quilted. I am expanding and using more mixed media to create something more sculptual. My work is usually historical or personal. I work primarily with acrylic and oil.

Pricing Information:

Small print: 240.00

large print:900

Paintings: small paintings 1,000 to 20,000

orgianal printing (Linoleum, Monoprint) 300.00 to 5,000


1990 American Intercontinental University: BA


Selected Awards and Honors include but are not limited to:

•– I Lay My Stitches Down has been selected for VOYA’s 2013 Nonfiction Honor List!
2013 I Lay My Stitches Down has been shortlisted by the judges for the Steven Kroll Award for Picture Book Writing! This is an Honor…. Thank you!

2013 Bank Street College of Education Best Children Book of th



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  1. Interested in communicating with Michelle Wood. I am working on a documentary and would like to use one of her images briefly.

    Thank you,
    Dan Morrison
    The John Brown Project


    • Hi Daniel! Michele may not be regularly checking comments on this page, but feel free to reach out to her by calling 317-652-4761. – Indy Arts


  2. […] Michele Wood‘s I See the Rhythm (1998), we immediately felt Wood must have been inspired by Faith […]


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