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Nancy Lee


Nancy Lee

Nancy Lee Designs

1125 Brookside Ave, C4
Indianapolis, IN 46202





Self-taught metalsmith, custom jeweler, and enamelist creating 2D/3D works using hand fabrication, casting, and/or forging techniques to create singular, emotive works for wear or display. Gallery owner and volunteer advocate for the arts.


Non-University Instruction
Studied Under:
Marilyn Smith

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About My Work:

I bring dreams to life in metal. My goals is to inspire viewers to invent their own meaning when viewing my work, which is expressed in exquisite detail in jewelry or informed by gestures and landscapes in enameled paintings.


Jewelry includes alternative wedding and engagement rings and a retail jewelry line, shown in my gallery space or available on my website. Paintings are kiln-fired vitreous enamel on copper substrates. Vitreous enamel is colored, powdered glass and my preferred way to use it is sifted through a sieve or poured as a liquid onto prepared copper.  Whether jewelry or 2D work, ancient metalworking techniques are applied to old, new, and recycled materials with a modern twist.


I aim to employ responsible studio practices and use recycled materials in my work as much as possible as well as safe disposal of used materials and chemical.

Pricing Information:
  • Jewelry: Prices range from $40 – $3,000, with most works available in the $50-$500 range
  • Custom Jewelry prices in silver, karat gold, and gemstones range from $250 – $4,000
  • Kiln-Fired Enamel paintings: Pieces range from $100 – $500
  • Limited private instruction starting at $60 an hour
  • Gift Certificates: Available in any denomination

I’ve received no formal art education. Key jewelry making, metalsmithing and design techniques  were learned in workshops taught by instructors Michael David Sturlin, John Cogswell (also, his book), Juan Carolos Caballero-Perez, Angela Bubash and Marilyn Smith. Training in enamel techniques from Jan Harrell and Jessica Calderwood and Linda Darty’s excellent book, The Art of Enameling: Techniques, Projects, and Inspiration. 


Indiana Artisan Designation for Jewelry; Founder, Indy Metalsmith; Past President, Indianapolis Downtown Artist & Dealers Association (IDADA); Member, Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG); Past Faculty Member, Indianapolis Art Center



  • Rebecca Pitts Award for Fiction Writing, 2020
  • Marianne Hedges Poetry Prize, 2019
  • Eric Sharp Gateway Poetry Award, Honorable Mention, 2018
  • Indiana Artisan Program Designation, Jewelry
  • Indiana Arts Commission Individual Artist Grant, 2010-11, 2016-17
  • First Place, Indiana State Fair, Jewelry, Professional Division, 2010
  • First Place, Indiana State Fair, Sculpture, Professional Division, 2009 and 2011


  • Gallery 1 - Nancy Lee
  • Gallery 2 - Nancy Lee
  • Gallery 3 - Nancy Lee
  • Gallery 4 - Nancy Lee
  • Gallery 5 - Nancy Lee
  • Gallery 6 - Nancy Lee
  • Gallery 7 - Nancy Lee
  • Gallery 8 - Nancy Lee
  • Gallery 9 - Nancy Lee
  • Rapture, Enamel on Copper, 12", Nancy Lee x 12"


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  1. Hello everyone,
    I attended First Friday last week and met Nancy Lee for the first time. Her work is impressive and I purchased a lovely pair of earrings. However, Nancy made as much of a positive impression on me as her jewelry! If you haven’t seen her work in person, go and see her studio and I promise you won’t regret it.
    Amy Ryll


    • Thank you so much for sharing your impressions of my studio, Amy! I enjoy hosting First Fridays and am glad you enjoyed yourself. Thanks again for the positive words, and hope to see you again soon.


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