Nasreen Khan

Nasreen Khan


Nasreen copyedits for a living, and writes poetry and paints to stay sane. She grew up in West Africa and Indonesia and moved to the wide and gritty American Midwest by way of New York City. She and her toddler son live in their bungalow on Indianapolis’ Near Westside. On a Friday night she can be found cooking various organ meats or chasing down a stellar mint julep.

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About My Work:

I love color and bold statements. I like my work to feel like jewel box with slightly seedy undertones. I am an art instructor at a local non profit and I perform poetry frequently around town. I work mostly in alchohol inks on canvas board. I love the vibrant translucence of that medium.

Pricing Information:

I love to create. I have made hundreds of dollars off a piece of work and I have sold canvases for $5. I love for people to connect to my work. If you would like to own some of my art–lets talk. Chances are, I can meet you where you are.


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