NERS Neonlumberjack

Ners is an impulsive, embodied practice. Ners aims for small pleasures; does not strive for great substantiality; values expendable details; prizes invention and imagination, delights in risk-taking for its own sake; values personal vision and peculiarity; is unselfconscious; shows the signs of eager, industrious activity; and often results in becoming precious. Ners has caste-off beauty; encourages innovation; and repurposes associations. Ners likes to start an argument by being focused or

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About My Work:

Environmentally conscious subject matter and working artistic method exploring natural versus the artificial.

Pricing Information:

Price Ranges $20 up to $3,000


Herron School of Art and Design

Bachelor of Fine-Arts in Painting, Bachelor of Fine-Arts in Sculpture,

Art History Minor



Know No Stranger artists collective 2009-present

Big Car Artists Collective 2009-present

Made for Each Other- Fountain Square exhibition, 2009

K.N.S.- Opticlal Popsicle organizer, 2009

Oranje  Art and Music Exposition, Big Car stage-set creator, 2009



Jurors Choice, Herron Student Show, 2009

Herron-Landers Scholarship, 2008

Dean’s List, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009

Scholastic Art and Writing Award, Silver Key, 2004



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