Pamela F. Bliss

I paint large interior and exterior murals. My subject matter is figurative, landscape, architecture, representational, portrait and many other subjects. I use oil, acrylic or house paint. I use boom lifts and scaffolding to reach heights. I also paint smaller canvas paintings. I have painted many historical, diverse, ethnic murals.


More Info

About My Work:

Bliss paints large-scale interior and exterior murals and regular canvas size painting. Her subject matter includes figures, landscapes, architecture, and portraits. Past murals include many historical, diverse, and ethnic subject matters.

Upcoming Events:

22 ft tall Hoagy Carmichael Portrait – permanent exhibit

Pricing Information:

$3,000 – $5,000 canvas, $3,000 – $40,000 murals


Masters of Arts Administration, Indiana University


Adjunct Professor of Fine Arts at Indiana University East.


1993 IUE Distinguished Student Award in Fine Arts,  and Indiana University East Distringuished Alumni Award 2008


  • Adam Herbert, Past President of Indiana University
    Medium: Oil | Dimensions: 30 in x 40 in


  • The artist Pamela Bliss works on a mural portrait of Hoagy Carmichael in Richmond, Indiana.


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