Pamela O'Brien

Pamela O'Brien

Pamela O’Brien

5536 Manker Street

Indianapolis, Indiana, 46227




Work Experience Self-employed artist, Indianapolis, IN

Artist, Mar 2015 – Present

Resident artist at Acceleration Art and Photography Gallery, 2017

Gallery exhibit: “Art Of the Ages” at The Athenaeum

Gallery exhibits: “Red” and “Secret Doors;” at Stutz Artists Association, 2016 and 2017

Gallery exhibit: “Home” presented by Indiana Interchurch Center Gallery, November

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About My Work:

I have been painting since I lived in Cozumel Mexico in the 1980s, but started painting professionally in 2015, when people started asking to buy the paintings I posted on Facebook. I paint because I am a better person when I do, and the people around me are happier when I paint. I paint with watercolors, acrylics and oils, with acrylic being my preferred medium. I paint primarily landscapes and buildings, with some still life, and some completely abstract works. My style is best described as a combination of impressionism and abstract, but I enjoy expanding my styles and learning by emulating the techniques and styles of my favorite artists. I paint as a way to express emotions that are difficult to put into words, and to immerse myself in a creative experience that demands my full attention. My Katrina series that was exhibited at the Stutz Artists Association Gallery was inspired by the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, on 08/29/2015. As a native New Orleanian living there at the time of Katrina, I found myself blindsided by emotion that I was unable to define or describe and frankly, that no one wanted to hear about! When I began to put those emotions onto canvas, I was struck by how powerful my feelings had been, and as I progressed through the series of 3 paintings, I felt a sense of relief and peace. I find that when I start with colors that reflect my mood and emotions, the painting more often informs me of how it wishes to be seen and of what it has to say than the other way around.  I believe that my life experiences as a social worker, writer,  lifelong learner, traveler, linguist, cook, jewelry maker, photographer, interior decorator, teacher and friend have led me to a new path that I am compelled to follow. I feel extremely grateful to have come to this point in my life here in Indianapolis, where there is such a strong art community and I feel fortunate to have received tremendous encouragement from friends, family and fellow artists to pursue painting.


Upcoming Events:

Mad Scientists Society, Vol. 1 @ Acceleration Art and Photography Gallery in historic Fountain Square

Pricing Information:

Based primarily on size, from $144 to $1296


Indianapolis Art Center

Tulane University School of Social Work, MSW

University of New Orleans, Bachelor of Arts


Stutz Artists Association


Acceleration Art and Photography Gallery


None yet!


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