Pamela Purpus

Pamela Purpus


Founder, artistic director, conductor

“Musicians expect the conductor to be prepared, to know not only the ink (meter, entrances, and so on) but also the music’s essence (such as balance and articulations). Only a conductor who grasps a music’s motion and emotion can help musicians achieve the right sound quality.”


Pamela Purpus formed Play Ethic, a sinfonietta in 2009, providing a stimulus package for central Indiana symphonic musicians. “Orchestral music is a global, timeless

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About My Work:

Play Ethic, a sinfonietta, is a chamber group specializing in light classical — orchestral music familiar to audiences everywhere.

Led by maestra Pamela Purpus, the sinfonietta reaches out to the people — whether classical aficionados who sit rapt from opening downbeat or parkgoers and mallwalkers who can’t help but smile at the lovingly played lilting strains. The ensemble, a mixture of professionals and hobbyists, plays compositions both reassuring and exciting.

Music that resonates. Music that inspires. Music as comfortable as an old sweater. The music of friends.



Pricing Information:

Professional woodwind ensemble (7–11 players): $600/hour


Grad School: Indiana University, 1993; MM, music

College: Augustana (Rock Island, Ill.) College, 1992; BM, music



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