Pauline Beuke

Pauline Beuke


Pauline Beuke has been a business owner and artist for 30 years, running Pro-Art Gallery as a sole proprietor in Greenwood, IN.  Pauline enjoys experimenting in many mediums, such as water color, oils and acrylics.  Her signature is to utilize unusual fetish items within her art such as copper, crushed colored glass, found objects and jewelry.  Some of her latest pieces can be seen hanging in the entrance of the new Stone Creek restaurant in Noblesville, IN.  She has done hundreds of

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About My Work:

Pauline’s work illustrates the relationship between textures and colors which let the viewer create their own subjects and stories within the piece.  Her signature is to experiment with many painting techniques and incorporate fetish items such at found objects, crushed glass, copper, gold & silver leafing and old jewelry to ensure that every piece is truly unique.

Her medium of choice is acrylic; however, she has done many paintings in water color and oil on canvas and wood.

Pricing Information:

Pricing varies, depending on framing materials, sizes & shapes.  Pauline is able to work with any budget.


In Pauline’s 30 years in business, she has studied under many artists such as Luke Buck, Rob O’dell and Jerry Smith.  Pauline has also mentored and trained many up and coming artists and displays some of their work in her gallery in Greenwood, IN, Pro-Art Gallery.


First Place and Second Place for custom framing for the State of Indiana

Indiana State Fair – Honorary Mention

Sweetwater Lake Art Contest – First Place for water color painting


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