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About My Work:

My work focuses on narrative, exploring the journeys and transformations of a variety of hybrid characters based on teddy bears.  I choose teddy bears for their associations with childhood and their ubiquitous, yet supportive presence in our lives.  Each character will have different animal qualities and exist within a specific environment, whether land, sea or sky.  The teddy hybrids have attributes that may help or hinder them in the given environment.  Through the changes that take place within each narrative, I am able to explore and reflect my own journeys of growth, change and adaptation.

The process of sgrafitto on porcelain captivates me.  I find that the process gives my work a graphic quality, which enhances the narrative.  The subtle variations in line are expressive, while leaving behind a tactile surface texture.



2009 MFA in Ceramics, Indiana University Bloomington

2006 MA in Ceramics, Central Michigan University

2002 BFA in Ceramics, Edinboro University of PA


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