Rachel Steely

Humans are bound by time. We are not able to truly revisit and experience the past. Nor can an individual view the past and present simultaneously. If one could see the remnants of the past fade as the present took place, how would this be composed? In response, I have created an imaginary experience with butterfly wings. Within the same theme, I have also experimented with the movement of human bone joints and the life-cycle of flowers. Please visit my website, RachelSteely.com, in order to

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About My Work:

I work with still life and figurative objects in a theatrically lit setting. I present a shift of time in the paintings through movement or change of the object. I am interested in creating subtle metaphors in paintings that have layers of ideas. I also teach art classes to adults and children. Contact me via my website www.rachelsteely.com for more information about my work or private art classes.

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BA in Art Asbury College, May 2005


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