Rosaura Cazares Juan

Rosaura Cazares Juan was born in Veracruz, Mexico and has lived in the city of Indianapolis. She is currently pursuing her Bachelors of art in education at Marian University. Works with various mediums but mainly focuses on the two dimensional spectrum. Cazares is working closely with the Indiana Latino Institute to educate, advocate, and inspire young Latinos. She aspires to represent her Latino culture in the education field while promoting the arts in the youth in the community.

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About My Work:

My artwork is centered around my culture, the experiences as a Latina in the U.S., our community’s values, and the vibrancy of life. Through my personal experience and obtained inspiration from artist like Frida Kahlo, Siqueros, and local artists’ works.

Upcoming Events:

Mariposas de Jade Art Exhibition 2023- April 30th-May 25th



Studio Art and Education major at Marian University


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