Shannon Forsell

Creative Renewal Arts Fellow - In 1999, the Arts Council of Indianapolis, with generous support from the Lilly Endowment, established the Creative Renewal Arts Fellowship program. Originally conceived as a renewal opportunity similar to an academic sabbatical, this groundbreaking initiative offers mid-career artists and arts administrators the opportunity to renew and refresh their creativity. In it's 9th round, the fellowship offers 30 artists and arts administrators $10,000 for an 18 month fellowship period.

Shannon’s renewal process was a time to connect with her past as well as her present. Currently a professional cabaret singer, she attended the annual Mabel Mercer Foundation Cabaret Convention to see performances from over 50 leading cabaret artists. She connected with her Irish past in her trip to Ireland where she traced her musical and genealogical heritages. She plans to continue to perform in her current role, and Shannon will use her experiences to create a new solo album. This

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About My Work:

“Creativity takes time, attention and intention. This experience allowed me to step away from the day to day ‘work,’ to explore my creativity and passion, and remind me why I do what I do.” – Forsell


Teaches master classes in cabaret performing, Indianapolis Civic Theatre ; Lead vocalist, The Irish Aires; Featured on three compact discs



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