Tasha Beckwith

Tasha Beckwith

Tasha Beckwith is an Indianapolis-based visual artist. She studied painting and drawing at the Herron School of Art & Design, IUPUI, but honed her skills in graphic design and digital art on her own. Her portrait-based work combines expressionism, realism, and surrealism and she cites science fiction, fantasy, and Afrocentric themes as her inspirations. Recent work includes billboards encouraging participation in the 2020 census, participation in an artistic campaign encouraging people to

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Tasha Beckwith is an Indianapolis-based visual artist. Tasha would describe her current works as Afrofuturism, her works dip between traditional and digital art. Tasha combines her love for the figure and pattern with her love for the moon and outer space. Tasha considers herself an amateur in astronomy but looking at the night sky through her telescope provides daily inspiration to want to know more about what lies beyond the earth. Tasha’s ultimate goal with her work is to take viewers on a journey through a kaleidoscope of patterns mixed with portraits, merging imagination with technology to create her own world, Tasha hopes to create more space-related art combined with African American figures to create more Afrofuturism works. 

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Herron School of Art and Design BFA


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  1. Trying to meet other artists to help me with advice. I’m an artist myself with no prior schooling or anything. I was just born with the gift. Would like to speak to you


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