Taylor Walker

Taylor Walker

TayloredIllustration is a Fine Art & Illustration Studio creating hand crafted keepsakes for sentimentalists who want deeply personal art that connects. Specializing in portraits, children’s art, encaustics and greeting cards, I bring your unique story to life with stunning visuals that’ll exceeds your expectations.

Detail is the hallmark of my work. Everything I do is detailed; from delicate cat whiskers, burnt edges on a holiday card, to perfectly blended makeup…detail is what sets me apart. I ... view more »

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About My Work:

As an Enneagram 4, I feel deeply. I dream, reflect, visualize and imagine with a deep burning passion. I know exactly how powerful emotions and memories can be, and how they take us back to a particular time, place or person. Sometimes it can be hard to keep this person or feelings with us when all we have is our fleeting memories, but that’s where I come in: I bring your feelings, memories and loved ones back to you with stunning visuals that exceed your expectations. I create custom art that connects. I help you return to that care-free day when you were strolling around Brown County eating country fried donuts with mom. I help soothe your grief with a portrait so photorealistic it feels like your chocolate lab could walk right off the page and come give you a hug. I create art with deep emotional connection that helps tell your unique story. I give your story heartbeat on paper.

Pricing Information:

Encaustics: $75 – $1,500

Portraits: $275 – $1,000

Children’s Art: $125 -$500

Greeting Cards: $4


BA Visual Communications Design – Purdue University

Minor Studio Art


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