Terry Flores

Terry Flores


I was born in Madrid, Spain in 1986. On a  day between then and now I picked up a crayon and haven’t  stopped scribbling since.

I attained a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana and I am currently seeking commission jobs.

For as long as I can remember I have been drawing and painting-making images. I can’t say “making art.” It’s too difficult to determine when someone

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About My Work:

Before I delve into the “why” behind my work, I would first like to address the “what”. In as few words as possible I flood the surface; I feel an impulse to mark and to stain. Whether it is by carving into a table top or writing my name in the snow I am compelled to observe, interpret, and to record. Ignoring media, method or message my goal is to overload the surface. To create pieces that hold steady from 10 feet while having the power to hold a viewer at 10 inches. The overall notion is one of accumulation and collection, but also encapsulation and division all based on impulse. I work without rules or organization. There is no structure in terms of schedule or configuration, although I can note that subconsciously I must follow a set self-validating path.

An impulse by its very nature is involuntary and as I identify my work as being primarily impulsive, there is very little methodology to speak of. I am heavily drawn to what most would consider elementary representation and often find myself reaching for the most primitive mark making tools, but I feel equally comfortable employing more complex means. I find it counterproductive to look at my body of work with hopes of fitting it with a label or with intentions of filing it into a predefined category. The spectrum is far too broad. For simplicity one could say that each piece is a self portrait, but not necessarily in the literal sense. Rather, they are collections of information supporting and illustrating my world view. It is my way of describing the world as I know it and my depiction of the never ending pursuit of coexistence. In most cases what I create is an expression of my dissatisfaction with where we are as a collective body: a teaming mass of consumers’. I point at no one in particular; I simply consider the general consensus. Being part of this mass, I can not criticize or judge – I only observe, study and record. From seemingly meaningless text drawn of a piece of tar paper to a hyper-real portrait, my work could be classified as glorified note taking. I take in the world then do my best to explain it, just as most practitioners do. Essentially I strive to lessen the internal space between my brain and my hands. Much of my two dimensional work is highly representational. At the same time and in increasing regularity my method of expression runs in polar opposition of the one before mentioned. The similarities do not shine as brightly as the differences. But like life itself, art is full of confliction and duality. I could not expect to have it any other way.

Pricing Information:

Many factors determine the pricing for specifics please ask.

Small drawings and prints starting at $50

Large drawings and paintings starting at $200


BFA in Drawing, Ball State University





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