Tony Styxx


“…they only consume what we put out……” –Tony Styxx


The radio bores me.  Can’t remember the last time I saw performance from a mainstream artist live or televised that moved me. Cd’s don’t get bought anymore. And YouTube has made everyone a star.

The value of one’s progress and hard work equals leaks.  The standard for “classics” has been set to the qualifications of tweet topics and ringtones.  And the term legend applies to anyone in the game for more than 2 mix

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Tony Styxx, an Indianapolis native, is a Spoken Word Artist/MC/Human Beat box. An entertainer since age 18, Tony Styxx has taken his time to cultivate his talents in the Indiana soil opening doors for him to share his gifts all throughout the Midwest.

A triple threat talent, Tony has had the pleasure of bringing his unique sound to amazing collaborations and opportunities to open for many regional/national talents:

Bashiri Asad (Soul)

Kools Bazaar (Jazz/Funk) (Hip Hop)

Jeremiah Cosner (New Wave Rock)

Fighting Words Poetry Collective (Spoken Word)

Mike Epps (Comedian)

Black Violin (Classical/Hip Hop instrumental)

Kindred (Neo Soul/R&B)

Ghostface Killah of the Wu-Tang Clan (Hip Hop)

Tommy Bottoms (Def Poet)

Georgia Me (Def Poet)

Queen Sheba (BET Lyric Lounge)

Talaam Acey (National Touring Poet)


With “Arts Enthusiast” aLLEN iMAGERY and the BLKwell AMC team as a mentors and managers looking out for the future of young Tony Styxx, it’s hard not to expect to see this young man in your home one day soon.



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