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Tony Vasquez

Tony Vasquez

Art has always helped define who I am. I sketched and painted in my early years, often preferring visual expression to other forms, and I always knew art would be in my life. For me, music and the visual arts are inherently connected, and together they were the source of my inspiration as a young adult. I was always drawn to music and art that challenged the status quo and was relatable on a very visceral level. I loved looking at vinyl album covers and liner note art. For me, they provided a

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About My Work:

For the past several years, I have been working on a body of art that endeavors to find and capture the dynamic nature of light in the darkness. These photographs are my observations of the nighttime and have become my escape from the trivialities of the day. They are studies of how time can manipulate the light captured and the way it alters one’s perception of these environments.
Each photograph conveys my fascination in the obscurity of the nighttime. I am awed by the way the nocturnal hours can be still and eerie and silent, yet at the same time, they can be full of sounds and serenity. Shooting public spaces during the night leaves them feeling void and tranquil as nature acts upon them instead of people. The darkness can appear as a distorted reality where one is surrounded by mysterious beauty. The stillness of the night allows one to discover peace of mind and the stunning world that vanishes with the coming light and rush of the day.
In the process, I employ long exposures to distort the colors and shapes of the light that creates and defines empty space. The resulting color palette draws one into these surreal environments. It’s inviting quality is contrasted by the starkness of the space and the sensation of being alone. These images are steeped in an aura of mystery, beauty, serenity, and isolation.

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BFA in Fine Arts Photography from Ball State University


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