Tré Reising

I grew up in Columbus, Indiana, a small Midwestern city with a unique architectural landscape.  My experience on an indoor playscape I frequented as a child, designed by Cesar Peli in the 1970’s, instilled in me a strong aesthetic sensibility from a young age.  His playscape featured green-carpeted hills, bulbous plastic and primary colored forms.  Little did I know that as my little body rambunctiously meandered through the space I would one day bring that same playful and open ended attitude

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About My Work:

My work favors primary colors.  But no matter the materials or formal “isms” my work references the most important aspect is that I bring the same playful attitude I have in the studio to my viewers experience.

Pricing Information:

Inquire.  Buy me dinner, pay a months rent, electric and so on 😉


Herron School of Art & Design 2009 Sculpture BFA


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