Trudy Robertson

Trudy Robertson


Born and raised on the shores of Lake Erie. I’ve been a creative from the beginning.  Not only do I love to paint, I love to do mosaics, sew, decorate, and build things.  So, what you see as the finished product is just what comes out!  It’s a creative expression of joy and love to be communicated to the viewer!


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About My Work:

My work is designed to bring smiles to the viewers.  I strive to solicit memories and good times by representing different venues/places that they might have had pleasant experiences.  Most of the time the works are whimsical and tell a story only the viewer can tell.

Some of the works are representative of  the ‘old days’.  I might paint a scene of a neighborhood that has now been torn down or changed.  Sometimes I try to capture the essence of an event that has influenced a local group of people.

Most of all…..I want it to be fun!

Pricing Information:


Most of the paintings are available through a printed media at an affordable cost of $35-$250.

The originals of the work range from $700-$4500.



Primarily self-taught. Studied with Fred Graff and Florian Lawton.


Best of Category- Carmel International Art Fair


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